Is PHP A Better Platform?

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PHP is one of the popular server-side scripting languages designed for web development. Today, a big segment of the “server side website development industry” is dominated by PHP. Besides, many popular sites like Wikipedia and Facebook as well as CMSs like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and Joomla are built on PHP. 
Now these days, a question “is PHP dying or not” has become a moot point among web developers. Many people think that due to the arrival of newer programming languages like ruby, mean stack, python, lua, etc. php web development popularity is diminishing slowly. 
PHP is Getting Tough Competition from New Technologies, because:
  • Using Node.js means that you can have the same language client side and server side, this is extremely attractive for small websites.
  • People don’t want raw SQL queries any more, they’d rather use an ORM layer to do it for them. Django has a very good ORM layer built in with support for SQL, SQLite, etc, and Node.js has Mongoose for MongoDB, JugglingDB, for SQL, SQLite, MongoDB, etc, and others.
  • here are lot’s and lot’s of MVC Web Frameworks for Node.js, from the big ones like Express, and RailwayJS to TowerJS, etc. 

         This fig shows that PHP is used by 81.7% of all the websites whose server-side programming language is known.

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                                                         Here are statistics of percentage of websites using different CMS


              Following report shows the historical trends in the usage of server-side languages since January 2015:


          According to the above mentioned stats, it is clear that:

  • PHP is the most used and popular server-side scripting language and its usage is increasing every day.
  • PHP is used by many websites but with lower traffic than other server-side languages.Perl, Python, Ruby, Javascript, and ColdFusion are used by a few sites but with high traffic.
  • PHP based Content Management Systems usage is increasing.So, what is reason behind continuous popularity of PHP?

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 It’s just a rumour that PHP is dying. PHP is quite popular and widely used programming language and it’ll not fade easily.           Although there are many competitors of PHP, this language is highly demanded and popular in developing web development applications.



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