Infinite Scrolling Or Pagination: A Complete User Guide

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Application of pagination and infinite scrolling is not a new topic for internet surfers because it is the first thing you do when you surf the internet. The debate Pagination VS Infinite Scrolling is crucial. Many people believe infinite scrolling is more user friendly but the others think just the opposite. It is true that both pagination and infinite scrolling have their pros and cons. On the other hand the web designers still get confused which method to adopt while designing the website, because the views are mixed. But it must be kept in mind that not in all ways you can implement pagination nor can you design your website solely using infinite scrolling. Read along to get a better idea which method is better in what way so that you do not end up losing a good number of visitors on your website.

Infinite Scrolling

infinite scroll

Infinite scrolling lets the user go through enormous chunk of content at a time without any finishing line or break. This technique is very useful for browsing because it helps the user go through a great number of links without opening them at a time. This technique provides a user a better way to discover and explore new ideas, places and things.



Pagination provides the chunk on content with a beginning and an end. This technique allows a user to identify whether the information they are looking for is there or not. In addition to this, they can remember the location of the information present on the web. It provides a better control of information to the user.

What is more suitable: Pagination or Infinite Scrolling?

As mentioned earlier each method has it flaws but seeing what kind of business you are in you can decide which one will work better for you.

1. Infinite scrolling works best if your target audience is mobile phone users. If your website has lots of images and the user is not likely to find something specific, infinite scrolling is the method you should opt for.

2.  If you have a website like Mashable where you are providing information and recent news, you can still use infinite scrolling because this way users are able to load recent articles which are related to their search. Furthermore, you will be able to make ads more visible to a bigger number of users.

3.  Pagination works best for commerce or information related websites. If your website has information based content where the users are required to find one thing and return to the same position , then pagination is best.

4.  Google uses pagination so the users can find the information easily. Going to the next page allows the user to find more related content than to load more irrelevant content.

In a nutshell, you should always see what your target audience is and what content you are providing to your users. If you have a social networking website where most users come to kill time then infinite scrolling it is, but for task oriented and finding goals type of users only pagination works.

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