How Crowdsourcing Design Project At Designhill Can Help Build Your Brand?

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Designhill : Marketplace for Custom Designs

Designhill is a popular design marketplace where business owners meet talented designers. This confluence of the business clients and the job seekers turns out to be a prolific activity wherein both the parties benefit in numerous ways. While the startups and small to mid-sized businesses get graphic designs at affordable costs, the designers acquire new design assignments and get internationally acclaimed for their good work. Furthermore, Designhill resolves one of the major issues that most concerns businesses. The issue is of effective brand identity creation!

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Go right with correct branding

With every business launch, the focus always remains on how to get customer recognition and how to build a strong business identity. However, these things are difficult to achieve for a startup company that has limited set of resources. Then what’s the way out? Simply follow the advice offered by Kim Boatman author with He is all praises for crowdsourcing and presents solid points to justify his support for such platforms. Kim says that crowdsourcing is of particular benefit to small and mid-sized businesses and can trim their project costs substantially while helping them significantly gain better insight into the public opinion offered about their products. This automatically allows businesses to streamline their offerings so as to suit their consumers’ demand. In a larger picture these things are seen as ‘how the market projects you in front of your customers’, clearly focusing on the utmost pinnacle that’s nothing but your business image!

When generating your brand identity through graphic designs, a designer has to cognize the fact- how your brand will be perceived against your competitors and what could be the best positioning statement of your brand. Heritage of your product type is also taken into consideration. Therefore, the designers should also have a deep understanding of your target audiences. A clear fathoming of your business values and beliefs also are helpful corner stones of designing. All these considerations play a vital role in building your brand.

So, can Designhill help you in building your brand overnight or is it a gradual process that takes its own time? First of all we all need to understand that there are no shortcuts to brand building. Designhill does not have a magic key that has solution to all your problems. They are just the design experts who own a rich experience in crafting the brand identity of their clients! For marketing and other business related strategies you have to seek the advice of marketing professionals. Moreover, there are some guidelines that you have to strictly adhere to in you wish to carve a niche for your business. So, how should you go about?

Let’s take a walkthrough of few finer points that will make your Designhill experience a memorable one.

1. Memorable yet simple designs

The first rule to creating your business brand identity is to design your logos, brochures, business cards and others such tools. But only professional designs can effectively market your products or services, remember that! And with Designhill’s pool of 23000+ talented graphic designers willing to work on your design project, you can never go wrong. However, it is important for you to offer an informative and descriptive design brief to designers that can lead them towards a perfect design you are looking for.

2. Use of perfect design elements

Professional and experienced graphic designers at Designhill know how to make perfect use of design elements. They are well aware of the industry specific colors and know how to explore the full potential of a color scheme to convey your correct business message across your target audience.

Fonts are also a means of getting people’s attention. Clever use of fonts is a sure shot guarantee of impressive visual graphics creation. Likewise, white space in your logo design gives it an aesthetic value so it would be good if you look at it seriously.

3. Don’t forget to incorporate message in your designs

Your business brand depends a lot on perfect communication of your message. The potential customers must know about your business attributes. Designhill helps you in that also, as it has a pool of highly experienced designers in its fold. Through their seamless designs, Designhill designers ensure that your business message gets easily noticed by your consumers. For that, they incorporate the use of specific elements of colors without failing to integrate the experience so as to make the design truly professional.

4. Focus on versatile design

Professionals at Designhill ensure that your logo design is easily legible when printed in different scales. They want your logo to appear impressive not only on larger surfaces of billboards but also on smaller ones such as pens, advertisements and print media. Also, the design experts ensure that your logo looks equally good in black and white so that its natural features are retained on newspapers, fax and other documents. While launching your design contest you should clearly mention about the versatility aspect in your design brief so that you save yourself from future problems.

So, launch graphic design contests at Designhill. And get set to acquire truly customized design within a short period of time.

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