How a Wall Mural Can Preserve Your Memories: A Design Inspiration

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Do you have a favorite photograph or design that you love so much and want to look at every day? What are the better ways to display your favorite memory on your wall, except putting it up on your wall as a print or a canvas. We mean that the photograph or design covers your entire wall. Think of it  as you change the background image on your computer desktop.

So how would you go for covering your entire wall with your photo or design? By creating your own custom wallpaper out of your photo or digital image. Improvements in large format printing technology have made it affordable to blow up your digital images large enough to cover your entire wall. This means that you can cover one or all of your walls with anything you could ever want to.

This means that it is now possible to either use your existing photos or create photos for creating a custom mural for your wall. If you have a favorite vacation photo or an art photo that you immensely love, why not display it over your entire wall? You could put a picture from your trip to a beach on the wall in your bathroom. Or you could put a picture of your favorite forest in your bedroom. You could even make custom graphic designs to decorate the wall of your home office. Businesses can also use custom wall murals to make an impact in their lobby; the company logo makes for a great mural, for instance.

Custom wall murals offer you a chance to show off your creativity, individuality, and display your favorite memories for you and your loved ones to enjoy every day. So instead of just putting your photos in an album on the coffee table or in a frame on the wall, make a wall mural out of custom wallpaper that gives your work the presentation it deserves. Below are provided some amazing examples of wall murals.

Examples of Wall Murals

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