Graphic Design Trends for 2013

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Graphic designers need to keep up on the latest trends and sometimes create their own to stand out to the public and surpass other designs. Sometimes trends from the past will recirculate as something new for viewers only to be replaced by the next best thing.

From colors, fonts, shapes, and more, here are some of the most popular trends for graphic designers this year.


From neon to pastels, designers are using different color combinations for their different projects. When it comes to colors this year, one thing is very clear: the most popular colors for 2013 according to Pantone includes emerald as the top choice followed up by equally bold shades of teal and coral. For the fall, be prepared to see more jewel-toned colors with Pantone names such as Mykanos Blue, Acai, Samba (red) along with earth tones of Deep Lichen Green, Turbulence (grey), and Carafe (coffee brown) in graphics.

colors in design

Not all design uses a lot of color though. Many designers take on a minimalistic approach with basic colors such as all black or all white with a hint of color in their packaging and promotion designs.

Geometric Shapes

2013 is seeing more and more combinations of geometric shapes in the design than in previous years. Whether hand drawn, overlapping, or contrasting – many graphic designers are utilizing shapes such as tribal design. From clothing to everyday items such as an iPhone cover, tribal has popped up everywhere this spring and summer.


Along with geometric shapes, simplified versions of everyday things such as bikes and houses and to animals and people is the new illustration of graphic design. This minimalistic design uses as few geometric shapes as needed to create an image and is easy to focus upon.


Some of the most despised fonts in graphic design have been Papyrus and Comic Sans. There are also many fonts that have been used time after time and it comes to a point where graphic designers will create their fonts by freehand or look for other inspiration. In 2013 many graphic designers are looking for fonts at are retro or rather more free-flowing. These popular fonts that graphic designers are using include:

  • Benthem
  • Weston
  • Metropolis
  • Mocha Script
  • Nougatine


Along the same lines of using geometric shapes in design, fonts are taking on the same look as well the fonts Good Intent and HYPED. For some graphic design projects for clients such as business owners and other professional fields, these fonts may not have the clean and simple look that is usually used. Instead of tired fonts like Impact, Arial, and Helvetica graphic designers are using the following for business projects:

  • Raleway
  • Geo Sans Light
  • Junction
  • Yorkville
  • Nexa Free Font

Design Trends

Staying true to the geometric shape trend, many designs use a minimalistic approach with basic logos to stand out more against white space and to be used in multiple marketing channels. Creating images that are flat rather than 3-D allow for more usability as well because it’s a clean design and when paired up with the bright color trends this year, it can stand out even more.

Along with the vintage and retro feel, designers are using Instagram inspired filters and Photoshop to create a weathered look to their design. Luxe printing for print ads and large vinyl graphics allow graphic designers more creative freedom to experiment with these trends and to create designs that stand out.

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