Effective Tips To Make Ecommerce Website Design In 2016

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E-commerce business has seen a great surge in last couple of years. With increase in ecommerce popularity, many new entrants are checking their luck in this booming market, which gives rise to fierce competition. So, if you want to stay away from the crowd and want to make your online portal unique and successful you need innovative ideas. 

In this blog post, we will talk about some essentials that helps you in building successful and unique Ecommerce website.

Here are some factors that should be kept in mind to get unique and successful ecommerce websites:


                                          Tips For Designing Ecommerce Website


1) Let Customers reach to your product with lesser number of clicks: Always avoid creating a lengthy path leading to the product or may be which involves too many clicks. This annoys the customers and in this way, you are creating obstacles and increasing the time when they think and convert their thought into a substantial buying decision. 

2) Sell Products and not Design: Sometimes, we happen to see e-commerce websites that contain complex designs as if they are not at all selling products and want people to get confused by the complex designing of the website. Always remember, keep your eCommerce web design as simple as you can.

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3) Show High Quality Pictures: Since shopping online is quite different from shopping from physical store. So, providing customer with same feel and touch of the products can make a lot of difference. 


                                                 An Example Of Ecommerce Website Design


4) Notify Users on Each Level: It is quite common that people face a lot of difficulties in the delivery part of the product. There are few areas where you need to notify customer, which are as follows:

— When the payment has been made

— When, where and how the delivery of the product is scheduled.

— If there is some kind of delay

— If some issues occur, you need to inform customers on phone, rather than on mails.

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5) Provide Online Support: Since not all the customers are used to shopping online, they might need support at different stages. It is very essential that you provide them with online support. Live chat support, which exists on every page with a clear link or image is a great way to meet this need.


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