Edit Your Pictures Directly from Your iPhone

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Photoshop.com Mobile is now available to download outside USA and Canada. Sounds simple, image editing directly in the iPhone interesting! We’ve tested.

For those of you who shoot a lot with the iPhone, Adobe Photoshop.com Mobile for iPhone app to be something for you. It is an editor that allows you to work with images directly into your phone. With only your fingers as tools, you can rotate, crop and add effects to your images. It sounds simple and works effectively even surprisingly simple and good. The large screen on the iPhone is perfect for working with images and to crop a photo, goes swimmingly.


After selected an image you want to work with the centered in the program. You can then choose from the four above menus, what to do. Of course, there is not much things to do with this image as original program, but you can still do basic things like making a picture black and white or a light it up.

Something we lack is the ability to make a picture sharper; it would have been perfect for all the blurry pictures they took in poor light conditions. A smart, is it possible to go back and move forward at any time, so you need not worry about making mistakes. There is also a guide that explains how to go about when choosing a new power. When you then have finished this masterpiece, so you can choose to either save and close or save and upload online.

Adobe provides the user 2 GB of storage space on the website so you can save your images to the Web so that they avoid taking up space on your mobile. If you need more space so it costs approximately SEK 150 for 20 GB / year and you can get up to 500GB if you can afford.

Overall functionality of Adobe Photoshop.com Mobile for iPhone app is very well; it is easy and helps the user to quickly do small things with captured images. A little more advanced feature would have been nice but given that the program is free, it is difficult to be critical. The habitual Photoshop user will surely miss a lot of features but for those who just want to get some pictures with a fast way, the program works great. A minus is that you cannot upload photos directly to Facebook and Twitter.

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