DealFuel’s Mixed Bag Of Freebies And Jaw-Dropping Deals For Designers

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What started as a modest attempt at providing budding designers a plethora of great resources at one place, soon turned out to be something pretty impressive.

From daily deals to thousands of downloads, DealFuel is fast becoming the go-to hub for every designer and as a token of thanks, we’ve rounded up some of our best freebies and deals for you.

Check them out and be sure to tell us which one did you like the best!


1. Beautiful & Sophisticated Waterlily Typeface for Free


Flowers have their own ethereal touch adding a subtle charm without a lot of work. And waterlily has that exquisite effortless gracefulness about itself, which is why this freebie would make your pages look radiantly beautiful by just using the font against a complementing backdrop.

The handwritten typeface comprises of over 80 different characters to suit the needs of different dialects and languages. Now, no matter which language your websites is primarily written in, you can still give it a nice flowery twist with the Waterlily Typeface.

The typeface can be used across a varied range of platforms like Photoshop and MS Word, and is licensed for both personal and commercial usage.

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2. Bundle of Free Photoshop Actions for Sports Effect


Anyone well-versed with Photoshop recognizes the need for Photoshop Actions that not just cut the work in half but also enhances images taking them to a visually superior level altogether.

The Photoshop Actions that you get with this freebie is sports theme related. If you are a photojournalist or a blogger with an interest in sports, this bundle would be a saving grace for you. Just a few clicks are all it would take to transform and enhance your pictures.

This freebie works seamlessly with CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC as well and comes with installation instructions.

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3. Free Invoice Template in HTML with Auto Calculations!


As someone who’s received incompetently drawn up invoices way too often, we are thrilled that this freebie exists! This, not just gives a professional and sleek look cutting straight through the clutter, but it also makes your work easy and quick.

For those (read everyone) who absolutely hate drawing up and tabulating invoices, this invoice template would not magically make your income more, but it would make sure your income isn’t less due to calculation errors with its auto-calculation feature.

All you need to do is put in the details and hit go, your total would be unerringly calculated, which you can then send to your employer.

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4. 5 Superlative UI Kits


UI Kits are every designer’s ticket to success, no seriously you might put in tons of effort and work diligently, but UI kits empower you to work smart. These UI kits come with half of the work already done, which saves up on time leaving room for newer projects and subsequently more money.

While there’s no doubting the scope of and need for UI kits, we are particularly excited about this eclectic bunch of UI kits that you can use across different niches. From e-commerce to mobile UI kits, this bundle of freebie would come handy and often.

So stock up on this to work smarter this year and achieve your new year’s resolution of higher income.

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5. Royalty free graphics worth $54


A list of resourceful freebies is incomplete if we don’t get you free graphics. So here we are trying hard to fit the bill with our royalty free graphics that also happens to be one of our most downloaded freebies.

With 22 different vectors, 9 vector illustrations and 3 high-res images, you will find repeated requirement for these graphics in existing and upcoming projects. Use them for web-related work like on web pages, blogs and social media or include them on print invites, postcards, hoodies and mugs.

Get the freebie as an instant download and start working with it already!

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6. 100 Super Premium Infographic Templates


Infographics are a content staple now. With its ability to compress big chunks of data in an easy-to-understand and visually attractive way, Infographics are pretty much ruling the informative content arena at the moment.

And that only means more such work coming your way as webmasters and bloggers alike scour the web for designers who can quickly create stunning Infographics. Make designing Infographics a lucrative source of income that would hardly take any time with our Infographics templates.

This deal that comes at an 81% discount will get you templates perfect for every industry and concept. All of the 100 templates are completely customizable and is power packed with a lot of creative and impressive design elements.

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7. 35 Quality HTML Templates by TeslaThemes


Probably what self-rising flour is to a baker, themes are to a designer. Irrespective of the industry and the purpose of a website, themes are an integral part of the designing process that also makes your work manifolds easier.

Some of the themes come pre-loaded with powerful features that can change the face of a website while some have such a sophisticated outlook that it gives the website an instant facelift. It’s like transforming a website without doing any major work.

Every designer needs a chock-full of themes in their kitty if they want to make it big. And here’s one you shouldn’t miss out on at all, with up to 95% off, this deal of 35 templates is a clear winner.

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8. Create Photoshop Actions To Make Money


If you have good knowledge of Photoshop, you probably have a horde of freeloader friends taking advantage of your Photoshop skills for their Instagram pictures. But why waste time and effort when being well-versed in Photoshop can actually make you sweet money?

If you have basic knowledge, this course will teach you the nuances of creating Photoshop Actions that are being sold like hot cakes. And you don’t just learn by watching videos but also working on 5 live projects that strengthens your knowledge and skill level, empowering you to create better Photoshop Actions than your competitors.

This is perfect for when projects are slow, and you have time on your hands. Grab this deal at 93% off!

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9. Learn logo designing using Adobe Illustrator with 4 eBooks


There are tons of new businesses coming up and what each needs is a logo, and this is where you come in. Are you already designing logos in Photoshop you say? But do you have any idea just how much easier and superior your logos would turn out if you use Adobe Illustrator.

This collection of not two or three but 4 e-books will teach you every aspect of logo designing on Adobe that you need to know. From creating logos from rounded triangles to circles, learn how to stay ahead of your peers with this insightful knowledge that would make a huge difference in your work.

For a limited period, get the e-books in multiple formats and for only $12!

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10. Create a character with character creation kit


Personalization is the key to customer engagement and conversion but how do you personalize a website? The easiest way to do that is with a website mascot, a character that the customers connect to.

Plus it offers uniformity throughout your web presence whether it’s on your actual website or on social media. And creating such a character is child’s play with our Character creation kit. Choose from different options and create a character in minutes.

From superheroes to doctor mascots create and use characters to explain better and connect personally.

Which of our freebies and deals do you like the best?

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