Changing web development scenario with responsive designs

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It is very fascinating to see how the internet has evolved from a communications network developed for the military to a full-fledged consumer utility. Businesses all over the world soon realized its significance and created their online presence by hosting the first generation or the primitive websites. With advancement and adaptation to new technology, the site designs and features kept improving.

Today more than 3 billion users across the world are hooked on the internet. They use devices of different screen sizes to access the internet. This has led to another upgrade in the website design. The responsive design, as we call it, is a new design platform that adjusts the site by adapting to the screen sizes. As more and more users are using internet from their mobile or hand held devices, responsive web designs are making a big impact in this industry. Today we will have a look at the changing web development scenario with responsive designs.

1. Remarkable User Interface

One of the most captivating things about responsive designs that amazes the customers is the consistent and optimal experience it offers them while viewing the sites from different devices. Customers get to experience impressive user interface with exquisite layout and easy navigation.

2. Search Engine Friendly

Today the search engines pay high importance to the content and website quality. Responsive websites adheres to these high standards and ensures that the quality of the site is of high class. This leads to better indexing of your site which ultimately benefits your business.

3. Saves cost and Time

If you remember, there were times when the developers designed a web version of a site and a mobile version of the same site. A considerable amount of effort went in writing codes for both separately. Responsive designs have completely eliminated this need. Now you just need a single domain, a single source code version and a single CMS to handle the functionalities of the site. You save a lot of time that goes in writing the additional code. You also save additional cost that was otherwise incurred while designing different versions of the same site.

4. Improved conversions and sales

The responsive designs are liked and appreciated by the user as these business sites can boast their offerings on almost every device. Features such as call to action, GPS etc. can be well integrated with your site to give it a superior feel. All these make the designs more intriguing and impressive and keep the users more engaged. The users get a clean and user friendly design which leads to improved conversions and sales.

One thing is clear. Today the customers have many choices and your business must stand apart and look exclusive and technically superior than the others in the league. Hence, your site must be well designed to catch their attention, must be optimized to be available on the top ranks in the search engines and must be as user friendly as possible. The websites developed with responsive designs have great benefits to offer to the customers and the businesses.

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