Top 15 Innovative Packaging Designs for Effective Marketing

Nowadays, different approaches are adopted by the marketers to promote their products, so that they can compete to the similar products available in the market. There are countless products languishing on the store shelf, consumers see number of advertisements every day. So, what makes your product stand out among the other similar products, is its attractive outer shell.
Package design conveys half of the message that what the product is about. It acts as a promotional tool, as innovative packaging entices the customers to make a purchase. An attractive outer shell of the products generate need of the product in the mind of the viewers. Many times, we find several products that we are not supposed to buy, but its innovative packaging increases the chances that more likely we pick it up.


Consumers always have a General approach about the product that the quality of the product depends upon its packaging, price & many other factors, but cover is what that attracts the customers more. Sophisticated & artistic cover can be a mood changer for the customers, it also reflects the quality of the product. Here, we have a few bottle, folding carton, can, and package designs to feed your creative minds. So, the designers can create innovative packages for different products with the use of images that speaks for the product itself. Hope you enjoy!

Top 10 companies offering dedicated offshore staffing

Many IT companies all around the world prefer to outsource their software development projects to offshore development companies due to various reasons. One of the important advantage is the cost factor associated with hiring offshore dedicated developers is much less. In this era of global financial crisis, companies are reducing the cost of the company by hiring offshore dedicated development team.

Offshore staffing


Top 10 companies offering offshore staffing are :-

1. ValueCoders :-

No doubt it is considered as the king of the companies offering dedicated offshore staffing. You can hire developers who are considered to be the best in the industry. They believe in consulting, planning after evaluation and finally executing the whole thing. With the support of matured business processes they have given excellent services for their clients from the last 12+ years.

2. Etisbew :-

Etisbew is one of the shining stars in the field of offering best developers for hire. They have more than a decade of experience in harnessing the power of IT and business challenges across all domains.

3. Accelerance :-

Accelerance is one of the best offshore software development firms from which you can hire dedicated developers without any doubt. They believe in breaking the boundaries of geographic boundaies or borders to connect with other companies. They have more than 35 years of experience working offshore and onshore for different renowned companies all around the world.

4. Macrotech :-

Macrotech uses onshore and offshore software development delivery model which combines the technical expertise into the business agility. You can hire dedicated programmers who will work round the clock without having any problem with the time variations.

5. Whatech :-

This is considered as one of the best companies from where you can hire offshore developers. They offer quality service at a cheaper rates than others. They are considered for their best services which is offered to complete the project in estimated time.

6. Azonicinfotech :-

Azonicinfotech is a well known offshore development company which is equipped with the best professionals and facilities available all around the world of IT solutions.

7. QArea :-

QArea is one of the outsourcing company which has met a huge growth in the last 13 years. They have more than 6 representative offices scattered all over the world. They have made their impression portfolio with most of the Blue-chip companies.

8. Eureka Exim Pvt. Ltd :-

Eureka Exim is known for its expertise in the field of fetching bottom-line benefits of offshore outsourcing. The service quality of Eureka Exim presents an unmatched value with other companies.

9. Angler :-

They are expert in developing cutting edge product. It proved to be the best team working offshore who effectively work in a speedy manner and they don’t compromise with the quality of the product delivered.

10. DRC systems :-

They believe that outsourcing is the best model of business for leveraging the revenue. This company works extra miles to provide excellent support to their clients.

9 cool things to know about Drupal

Before writing on the topic I assume that all the readers have some basic knowledge on Drupal. If you are a novice reader about Drupal then you can go through the post Top 10 file management modules in Drupal and get some knowledge on Drupal.


 Now, whenever I go through the reviews, promotional contents and sales pitches I hear the same words like excellent CMS, Open Source, Free and have the support of powered and efficient community of developers. But I can tell you that Drupal is more than that. I chalked down some cool things about Drupal so that readers could get a vivid view.

  •  You can create landing pages targeted to facebook

You can pull any Drupal Page on your website as the landing Facebook page for the users. Just you have to adjust the page setting so that it gets fit to the size of the box which is available in Facebook. But it is much more convenient than building a landing page from scratch.Just follow some simple steps. First you have to log in Drupal site, make adjustments according to your page requirements, click on ‘save’ button and then you are done.

  •  Build Facebook Applications in Drupal

Do you want something more interesting than just making a landing page in Drupal? Then there is a good news for you. You can make the entire application in facebook using Drupal.

  • It helps users to log in to your site through social networking websites

 It is much time consuming and hectic for users to make new accounts in social networking websites. Just allow the users to get logged in your website through their accounts in social networking websites. There are some new methods through which new accounts can be made automatically for the users. So one major advantage is that is any social giants shows off or changes then you will not be losing your community.

  • Make your website mobile responsive

 Now a day a mobile friendly website is required because most of the users get logged in with the help of mobiles. You can check out the website mobile analytics. Drupal makes attractive mobile themes like Imega and Adaptive theme which gives users a fantastic mobile experience of using your website. 

  • Nirvana- SEO

 Drupal provides each and every thing that is required to provide SEO control on your website. It includes meta tags, meta descriptions,custom page titles, copy, URL’s and it gives excellent results with Google Analytics.

  •  Provides the option of Cool mapping features

 It provides excellent mapping features where users can input their address with Zip code and can interact with the map itself. So there are many ways of powering up your website using Drupal.

  •  Customizable E-Commerce solutions for the website

 Drupal module offers perfect solution for online store. Drupal offers specific store for that. It can be integrated with the shipping services like UPS and USPS to end the legacy of store experience. Rather make them interested in your company and company services by filling the orders. 

  • Video and photo integration

Drupal accepts different pictures and videos which can be displayed on other devices also. You can easily upload videos in YouTube automatically. The vice versa can also be done with the help of TwitPic through which you can display any video from YouTube to your website.

  • Security

The codes of is scrutinized regularly by a smart public community of smart developers. The main task of that community is to focus and enhance the hold of security on the websites. 

Source: Mediacurrent Cloud Sites – Scalable and Reliable Cloud Hosting

Hosting is one of the most important processes in web development. Traditionally business would look towards shared hosting. This model is slowly being replaced by a new hosting model known as the cloud sites where your site will be hosed on the cloud on fully redundant hardware. This helps in increasing the uptime (technically offering 100% uptime) and performance of the website even when it attracts large volumes of traffic. Thus your website won’t go down like it used to happen when the hardware malfunctioned in shared hosting model. There are a number of cloud hosting providers who offer you these services.

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Webydo Review: Professional Website Creator For Designers, By Designers

If you’re planning to develop a website you will be in a dilemma on whether to hire a professional designer or make use of DIY tool. The first option is expensive and the second doesn’t always produce quality results. This is where an online website creator, such as Webydo, which is set to change the way we go about creating sites.

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LiveMinutes – A Perfect Online Collaboration Tool For All Businesses

Web conferencing is one of the most important by-products of the broadband era. It allows you to hold meetings, discussions and conduct interviews with different people without having to physically meet them. The fact that you can chat, talk and see your clients and business associates online makes meetings memorable. While there are a number of tools such as Skype, Gtalk and Google+ that allow you to carryout web conferencing. But you do suffer from interruptions due to the bandwidth or these tools fail to live up to business needs. The solution lies in an enterprise solution that is meant to streamline your meetings.

LiveMinutes is a collaboration app that helps agile teams work synchronously and asynchronously. It supports you with three important functions in your day to day business – video conferencing, sharing documents, and keeping track of minutes of the meeting. Thus you will be able to hear and see the person(s) you are collaborating, take notes and edit them along the way and share with them documents by simply uploading the files and reports. The fact that all these tasks happen in real-time makes LiveMinutes the perfect collaboration tool for your business. It has also been priced competitively with two plans – Free and Premium. The free plan is restricted to five workspaces where as in case of the Premium plan you need to pay $5 per user per month. You also get premium support services with this plan.


Great Features of LiveMinutes

Use Less Software, Get More Done – In a typical scenario you might be using Basecamp to keep to-do lists, MS Office to edit documents, Skype to chat and an email client to communicate with collaborators. With LiveMinutes you can make it simple by putting your team content in a central workspace and build to-do lists, share documents, annotate visuals, run conference calls making life simple and easy.

Flexible Note-taking – Most of us are used to notepads and sticky-notes but in most cases you forget where you store that awesome idea that struck you in the past. With LiveMinutes your notes will be stored centrally and you can edit them in real-time with others, build content collaboratively, and organize notes by workspaces.

Many People, Different Formats, One Workspace – With the help of this tool you will be able to simply drag and drop documents to workspaces and instantly visualize and comment on them with your team. When you have a large team of designers, coders, marketers, managers making use of different tools and software this can act as a perfect place to exchange feedback on different issues.

Keep Meeting Time Productive – The video conferencing feature allows you to join with your Browser or Skype while other team members can also join by Phone with toll free numbers and no pin codes. Thus there is no loss of productivity as team members can be a part of the meeting from anywhere in the world. You also run your meetings on the same platform where you create and edit content which also saves quality time.

Collaboration to Evernote

Note taking is an important function in any business meeting and almost all online collaboration tools have this feature to some degree. LiveMinutes along with all its other stunning features takes this to a complete new level. It allows you to open, collaborate on your notes and save them back on Evernote which is world’s leading note-taking and archiving tool. Using this feature you can easily edit a note in real-time with others, build content collaboratively, and organize notes by workspaces. All the collaborators are on the same page while these notes are prepared.

 App Recommended to

The robustness and features of LiveMinutes makes it a great resource for all kinds of businesses that need to host online meetings and webinars. Educators, students, teams and small businesses can make the most out of this awesome tool. This application is flexible and supports numerous types of content where users can work with maps, whiteboards and other elements to show collaborators what they are talking about. Thus you can use it for web conferencing, taking interviews and even hosting large gatherings as is the case with giant businesses that presence in multiple locations around the world. Also reports that are generated after the meetings allow you to take note of what was said and done during the gathering and also achieve them for future reference.

Final Words

LiveMinutes is the perfect online collaboration tool that has been developed keeping in mind all the challenges that businesses face when it comes to online collaboration. It trumps all other services that are known to us as of today. The fact that it allows you to conduct all activities such as collaboration, sharing and real-time documentation under a single platform makes it the perfect for all kinds of businesses.

OLX App for Android and iOS Simplifies Buying and Selling is the most popular classified website where people can post free ads in India and this great classified website attracts over 600 million viewers each month and is nearly four times its nearest competitor in terms of brand awareness. In a bid to cater to reach out to more users, OLX has targeted the mobile platform. With large number of users using smartphones and tablets to browse the Internet the classified giant has come out with App for Android and iOS devices. These apps allow you to buy, sell and rent easily using your smartphone in a highly interactive way. Android App

OLX Android App is compatible with Android 2.1 or above and has already witnessed over two hundred thousand downloads. It offers you an easy solution to buy or post advertisement about a product. Posting an ad using this app is simple, you need to take a picture of the item with your camera, describe it and put it up for sale. As a buyer you will be able to easily search and browse for classifieds. This smart app will identify your phone’s location and feature ads that are close to you. This app also allows you to manage your advertisements and favourites using the ‘My OLX’ tab on the app. You will also be able to share your ad within your own network using Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. iOS App


Quite similar to the Android app this also allows you view all the ads available around you using embedded Maps. This app is compatible with all versions of thee iOS including the latest iOS7. If you are planning to sell a product you need to click a picture, describe and your advertisement will be live in seconds. You will be able to view full ads complete with their photos on this app and also reply to ads and contact to advertisers from the app itself. It supports multiple languages and you will be able to view the ad in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese to name a few.

Download Mobile App

So what are you waiting for? You have heard all the advantages of OLX app for Android and iOS. You can easily download the app for your Android and iOS powered smartphone or tablet from Google Play or Apple App store. The apps are available for free download in both these stores. Download the app and get going with your buying and selling adventure.