Best HTML5 Tools for Website Designers

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The websites designing process has come of age. The screen and browser compatible designs have taken web development to a different level altogether. For the web designers of today, HTML5 has come as a true blessing. It makes web designing seamlessly simple and effortless. Online HTML5 tools are extremely helpful as it lets the designers to accelerate their work. Today, I am going to tell you the best HTML5 tools to check out in 2015.

1. Adobe Edge Animate

This is a great tool which is used by the designers to develop highly advanced HTML5 based interactive animations for digital publishing. The rich media tool works perfect on web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and more. It also works exceptionally well on mobile devices such as iOS and Android.

2. Liveweave

Another wonderful tool for HTML5, Liveweave has intuitive context sensitive auto compilation of HTML4 (and above versions) and CSS2 (and above versions). All one has to do is to work on the tags and elements of HTML5 and CSS3.

3. HTML KickStart

True to its name, KickStart is a solution that makes the work of designers, a lot easier and simple. These are a set of HTML, CSS and jQuery files, elements and layouts with ultra-lean structure, specially designed to give kick start to your project. One another benefit of this tool is that you do not require any configuration settings and is ready to use after moving the package to the root of your web development.

4. HTML5 Reset

The HTML5 reset tool is an advanced tool that enables the developers to reset the clock so that they can take their old website designs and re-write them with HTML5.

5. FontDragr

This is one cool HTML5 tool as it lets the users to test custom fonts without the need of any CSS coding and all you need is to simply use the drag and drop option.

6. Modernizr

It is a form of JavaScript library which you can use to target a particular browser and make your website more specific to that browser. It supports a wide range of browsers such as Opera 9.6+, Chrome, Safari 2+, Firefox 3.5 and more. It is also suitable for all major mobile platforms.

7. CrossWalk

It is a great tool to make it easy and hassle free to publish HTML content to Android. It supports Android and Tizen and is most suitable for all mobile devices.

8. Online XRay Tool

The Online XRay is a very helpful tool using which you can see the box model of any element of the web page. It also lets you see the position, padding, margins, dimensions and so much more.

9. Moqups

Moqups is a very handy tool for developing SVG mockups and wireframes that are resolution independent. Many designers are using this tool so bring their creativity to action.

10. Online 3D Sketch

This is a free online drawing tool which lets you save and share replays of work with your friends.

So we checked some online HTML5 tools which come with high performance functionalities and rich features.

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