A Mobile Site or A Mobile App: A Million Dollar Question

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Technology has advanced to an extent where surfing has been made possible even on portable devices. Yes, these devices behold the future. Marking a presence on the Web requires you to have an existence on the mobile Web as well. This tactics will see your business soar high and always be in the positive.

The dilemma that crops up is: whether to build a mobile-optimized website or just a standalone app?

Well, read on and you’ll get an answer to this brainstorming query.
As you are aware that a mobile app is faster, is more interactive and can be easily integrated with the other phone features. Easier said than done, it has to be first installed to reap in the benefits, whereas a mobile site can be easily navigated according to the user’s fancies.

Building a mobile site is much cheaper when compared to an app and does not require you to run from pillar to post for approvals. Looking at the statistics though, users tend to prefer apps than mobile sites. Confused?

Well, an advertising agency, MDG has pulled up the sleeves and researched, taking in inputs from Flurry Analytics, ComScore, etc to prepare an infographic. Below is the infographic to help you make the choice.

Go through the comparative data and make a better choice. You decide how far your business will go. So, explore and innovate.

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