8 reasons for using Bootstrap while converting PSD to HTML

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In 2011 the team of Twitter released an excellent framework called Bootstrap. It is used for creating effective web applications and websites. Twitter Bootstrap is a popular framework among designers and web developers. This open source platform is blended with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Bootstrap framework is also used by manifold renowned websites like GitHub and NASA. Moreover Bootstrap is considered to be the best for PSD to HTML conversion.

Advantages of using Bootstrap

Trends, standard and significance of Bootstrap :-

Smartphones and other sophisticated mobile devices have become one of the necessities of modern life. For this reason proper development of well structured, responsive, high performing, breathtaking and goal oriented website within less time is mandatory. For that PSD to HTMl conversion using Bootstrap platform is the best option. But still it is a daunting task to get comprehensive results for the best viewing experience.

Bootstrap is considered to be a versatile framework for different business needs. The collection of CSS/HTML templates and tools eases the conversion of PSD to Bootstrap and HTML process easier. It also helps developers to create the CSS codes. Without powerful conversion it is not possible to get the design, performance and success of any website.


8 benefits of using Bootstrap framework while converting PSD to HTML :-

1. Mobile First :-

A core feature of Bootstrap 3 is known as Mobile First. This feature helps you to rebuilt and redesign everything to provide the best user experience on different devices with different screen sizes. The latest version comes with the the flat styles and optional themes which provides 2.0 look.

2. Speed of development :-

According to developers it is considered to be the best open source framework for fast development of websites. You don’t have to start from the scratch whereas you can use pre-built blocks and CSS LESS properties which certainly saves the coding hours.

3. Support :-

If you are stuck with any issues then you can get help from a vast community of Bootstrap platform users for fast recovery. These support centers keeps itself updated always.

4. Customizable :-

You can easily develop tailor made websites according to the project specifications. Just use the customized web page to add any feature into the website. In simple words you have the option to get rid of what you don’t want.

5. Consistency :-

Consistency is the primary concept behind the development of this open source framework. Therefore it ensures the ultimate consistency unlike developers who are working on it. It supports all the browsers to generate result works uniformly.

6. Compatibility :-

Bootstrap is the perfect composition of HTML and CSS. They are considered to be the future of design. Moreover HTML5 and CSS are the standard technologies which will rule the web development industry. So in this way Bootstrap framework is the future yardstick for the web developers.

7. Grid System :-

It is equipped with responsive components, layouts with 12 column grids which allows you for the nesting and offsetting of columns in fixed and fluid layouts.

8. Updates :-

You don’t have to worry for the updates because jQuery UI provides it two times in a year. It provides updates in constant basis. If the team of Bootstrap finds any problem then they start it fixing soon.

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