7 Drawing, Sketching and Painting Apps For Android

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Drawing apps for android

Image Source – biglio.net

Do you want to use your Android tablet for drawing, painting and sketching ? Then here are some interesting apps for your Android tablet. From some stunning sketch apps to powerful photo editing tools, here is a list of 7 Drawing, sketching and painting Apps For Android –

1. SketchBook Pro

SketchBook Pro is widely known Android app for drawing. It is one of the favourite tool of all designers providing a range of professional drawing, painting and sketching .It has 60 preset brushes, layer blending and customisable brush settings, through a streamlined and intuitive user interface.

Price – $4.99

2. Fresco Paint Pro

Fresco Paint, a famous digital painting app is also known as ‘mobile art studio for Android’ . It offers variety of brushes, filters and effects to help you create some pretty impressive art images. This app has a special feature to autosave your art images after every few minutes. It has another interesting feature of exporting image files to Photoshop (PSD format). Apart from paid version ($2.99) it has a free version too named as Fresco Paint Lite.

3. Paperless

Paperless is another famous Android tablet drawing app. Its allows you to drawn and sketch with beautiful water color, pencils and brushes. It has a special feature to add your pretty impressive images to social platforms like Facebook into PNG format. It also add precision so that you can set line thickness, size, opacity and smoothing.

Price – $4.99

4. Sketcher Lite


sketcher-lite-Drawing app for android

Image Source – designdaddy.com


Sketcher Lite is famous free Android app to draw, sketch and paint for design. Its key features include 11 brushes, colour picker and eraser. It has the ability to share your doodles via email and MMS. To enjoy some additional features you can download its paid version called as sketcher Pro for $1.99 .

5. Skitch


Evernote’s free app, Skitch is basic tool that allows you to sketch or skitch something new or annotate your existing image by sharing with others. Before downloading Skitch on your tablet you must create free Evernote account.

6. Adobe Collage


Adobe-Collage- drawing app for android

Image Source – hotdeals.com


For designers or artists who prefer to gather heaps of designing apps and tools, Adobe Collage is a portable mood board that can be used to define different visual elements on the drawing board. It also has a key feature to import directly from your tablet’s camera, Google and even YouTube.

7. Pose Tool 3D


pose tool 3D - drawing app for android

Image Source – youtube.com

Developed by artist Riven Phoenix as part of his life-drawing course, Pose Tool 3D allows designers and artists to change and manipulate a 3D version boy or girl into any kind of pose. It also has a special feature called muscle maps for adding feel to poses.

Price – $3.82

Thus, all these apps are really helpful for artists and designers to sketch, paint and drawn for Android. Start choosing your favourite one today.

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