60+ Creative & Inspirational Newsletter Designs

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As web designers, we know how to build a modern, semantic and accessibility-oriented website, with proper XHTML and CSS. We understand all the necessary ingredients in making a good website and their implementation.

How about creating an equally good newsletter that matches its company’s standard. Many companies practice sending newsletters periodically/occasionally to their clients. Many do it because their competitors are doing, but some do it purposely. Among many reasons couple of reasons which seems logical to us are: -

  • Spreading awareness and giving an insight to the customer/client about what is going on in company.
  • To create an impression about themselves as a company, sort of brand building practice.

So, as far as both these reasons seems to be real important from the company perspective it becomes designers responsibility as well to understand the gravity of the matter and react with the same seriousness.

Below is the list of over 60 beautiful newsletter designs compiled for you to see and get inspired.

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  1. dhaval shah
  2. Rafi
  3. Design Informer
  4. Bluemag
  5. Samoo
  6. Manjeet
  7. Waasys
  8. Ajay
  9. cchana
  10. Indrek
  11. Carl - Web Courses Bangkok
  12. Site Reviver
  13. Induo/@useijmer
  14. Min
  15. Trevor Stafford
  16. The LG Professional
  17. Ashlyn Hiebert
  18. Ozella Loeser
  19. sim so dep
  20. Galandromeda
  21. Temple Run Brave Disney apk

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