6 Tips to become a UX Specialist

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Before starting a lesson on UX specialist, let’s assume you are a owner of a designing firm. Better yet, lets say you are head of designing team. You are a consultant, you are a newbie, you are an intern. Your designation / position is not relevant to your work. But you want to work on UX designs and be an expert.

UX designing tips

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A friend of mine admitted that she had keen interest to learn designing but unfortunately missed the opportunity to break into the field. I assured her that many designers are able to become UX specialist without any formal training. I am the living proof of it.

As an UX expert, I have formed and run UX teams for various companies. I have also worked with many clients on hundreds of projects.

UX designing tips

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Here are few things I am sharing to be a UX specialist whether you are inside the company or a consultant:

1. Understand all the fields related to “design”

You should know all the fields related to designing like visual designers, interaction designers, user experience (ux) designers, user interface (ui) designers, product designers, graphic designers. Start figuring out which field interest you to be specialised into.

2. Update yourself with latest articles/news related to design

Initially you will be required to put lot of efforts for researching and reading design posts. You can start with http://www.bestdesigntuts.com/ to understand all about designing.

3. Learn sketch & Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator are the key tools of every designer. But a new kid has arised, naming Sketch. You must learn sketch as it is doing great job combining with Adobe. Illustrator is also a powerful tool that is worth learning.

4. Take a break when you hit a wall

Stay positive. While learning designing you will find yourself confused and defeated to attain new things. Motivate yourself for all the hard work you have made to learn it.

5. Find a designer who knows designing stuff

I did not say to find a Mentor. I know everyone is busy in building their own career. I am not asking to invest their precious time in making my dreams. Find a designer friend to help you and guide you with some awesome tricks.

6. Work on fake projects

If you want to show your internship or entry level job you need to show something as work samples. Try designing a portfolio in Sketch or Illustrator starting with user flows, wireframes, interactions, and finally a high-fidelity moc.

Try using above points to become a UX specialist. Comment below for more tips to become UX expert for newbies.

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