5 Simple Tips to Customize your Embroidered Sports T-Shirts

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Won’t it be great to wear your sports jersey with your name or lucky number embroidered on it? It is quite a fanciful idea considering the fact that we have all grown up idolizing our favorite sportsperson proudly wearing their jerseys with their names or numbers. Seeing them all of us have for uncountable times wondered when we can get our own jerseys or t-shirts. While it is of course a completely different thing to play the game and earn such a t-shirt, it is a hard reality that not all of us can become sportsperson. So what do we do then? Well, we can get our very own embroidered sports t-shirts and proudly wear it to matches.

With the digital platform become our fast friends, it is no longer difficult to get an embroidered t-shirt. While embroidery is one of the oldest methods of stitching motifs on clothes, it is a time-keeping art that is fast moving towards oblivion. Digital embroidery is a method that is trying to revive embroidery to its old glory and also ensure that the process is fast and less cumbersome. Digital embroidery has made it possible to customize sports jerseys easily.

Tips to Customize Embroidered Sports T-Shirt

1. Get Your Own Design

One of the advantages of having your personalized embroidered sports t-shirt is that you have the opportunity of designing the t-shirt as you want. If you have a particular design in mind or want your favorite team’s logo/ emblem on your t-shirt, you can get them without much trouble.

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2. Enter the World of Digital Embroidery

There are several software that are easily available today that assist in designing digital embroidery on sports t-shirts. You can get in touch with them and get your dream design on a t-shirt. The world of digital embroidery is enchanting to say the least. Software have made designing embroidery so easy that getting that social emblem will no longer remain a dream.

3. Use Any Material

Traditionally embroidery was done primarily on cotton materials. But with digital embroidery making its mark, you now have the liberty to choose any material and get your dream sports design on it. So use nylon or spandex to make a comfortable sports t-shirt.

4. Experiment with Colors

Want your t-shirt to have a red logo? Or an elaborate design that uses multiple colors? Do digital embroidery allows you to experiment with colors and customize your embroidered sports t-shirt the way you want.

5. Use Different Designs for Home and Away Colors

Many team sports work with the home and away color concept. Basically they use a color while playing at home and another color while playing away from home. You too can easily get two different sports t-shirt in the home and away colors of your favorite team and flaunt it with pride. The many online stores that special in digital customized embroidery will guide you in the process and make sure that you get your dream jersey in a jiffy.

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  • I used to let the professionals do everything from designing to printing or embroidering but I realized that it is so much fun and fulfilling to do things on your own. Thanks for the tips. It will definitely be useful. Now, I just have to search for the right software.

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