5 Reasons To Choose Ruby On Rails for Web Development

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Ruby on Rails is one of the hottest technological trends for 2015 which has taken over the web development industry. Ruby on rails developed in Ruby programming language is an open source web application framework. Rails is the software library which extends the software code that are added in Ruby Programming Language.


Comparison of summary statistics of Node.js and Ruby On Rails

About Ruby On Rails :-

Ruby On Rails

Ruby Programming Language is one of the most popular open source framework which helps to develop simple or a complete web applications. It has the capability of rich interactivity and functionality which makes ROR as the one of the best framework for developing powerful web applications also. It is developed with the help of Model view controller design pattern. This helps ROR to be agile nature of development framework unlike other platforms.

5 reasons to choose Ruby on rails for your upcoming project which are :-

1. Quick launch :-

Ruby on rails modules and solutions

Rails consists of ROR programming software library which comprises of extensive set of ready-made modules and solutions. These tools saves at-least 30% development time and ensures quicker launch of results.

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2. Cost -Effective :-


Ruby on Rails provide an excellent platform for web development spending less time. This saves the cost and you don’t have to compromise with the quality of the project.

3. Built in testing :-

Built In testing for ROR

Ruby Programming Language uses advanced algorithm for testing process. Unlike other frameworks it consist of a built in system where manual testing is not required. In simple way it runs on a test driven development methodology where codes exists after they are tested. This process saves cost and time both.

4. Flexibility :-


Ruby on rails is readable and that is why it is easier for the programmers to take up an existing project and update them. ROR provides excellent flexibility for the easy modification of a project in future.

Ruby on Rails Web Development

5. Complex Websites :-


The ready-made built in solutions of Ruby on Rails provides excellent solutions for building complex websites. Moreover it is much easy to find the solution of any complex problem which occurs at the time of development of website

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