5 Features Without Which Your Magento Store Looks Outdated

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As a Magento retail store owner you must be always looking for new ways to make your website more user-friendly and appealing to customers. Magento is an extremely popular and rapidly developing framework. New features for Magento stores are released every month, therefore it could be tricky for an e-merchant not to lose track of those developments and keep his or her business up-to-date.

In order to help you with this work we’ve selected 5 features any Magento store should have to survive the competition.

1. One-Step Checkout

Checkout is probably one of the most important areas of your store, as this is where visits convert into sales and profits. The main goal is to make check out fast and easy. Combine a shopping cart and checkout on one page. Customers will have no time to change their minds.

2. Promo Banners for Magento

Using promo banners is a great way to boost sales for two major reasons. Firstly, you can use them to inform customers about special offers and deals. Secondly, let buyers know about free little gifts for purchasing the item they are browsing.

3. Better Navigation, Shopping by Brands

Most people are extremely in love with certain brands. And they expect to see their favorites in your store. Having a special extension applied, customers will shop by brands in your Magento store. You will be able to display brand logos in navigation block, create unique brand pages and short URLs for them, allow customers to see products of a certain brand only.

4. Nominated Delivery Date

Customers are always pleased to know the exact date and time of delivery. This saves their time and wins loyalty for your retail store.

5. Combination of Strategies for Shipping Pricing

In most cases, you cannot simply opt for free shipping, flat rate shipping or variable rate shipping. Each customer and each item needs special approach. Only a combination of these three strategies will be suitable for customers and profitable for you at the same time.

All merchants know that e-commerce is not a place for old men. Keep your Magento store young and updated, and customers will be glad to pay for it.

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  • Great blog! One small addition from me – address validation. Not only does it improve your UX and delivery rates, but it’s something your consumers expect to see.

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