40+ Examples Of Photoshop Manipulations & Tutorials

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As per the definition given in wikipedia, “Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception (in contrast to mere enhancement or correction), through analog or digital means.”

But to a certain extent photo manipulation is about imagination and the set of skills one possess. Though software are used for enhancing or correcting the images into surreal creative; and the software which is used is Adobe Photoshop, but still you can very easily observe the difference between the work done by two different individuals

This technique of photo manipulation provides wings to the imagination of the designers and sometime they use it to communicate their emotions through the medium of this unique art form.

Let’s go through these different photo manipulations, largely worked on Adobe Photoshop. Some are funny and some are strange. Let’s see which one you pick for your self. Also, there are the tutorials for some selective photo manipulations. So, if you like them, you can learn the technique used and can try to create something for yourself.

You can comment your opinion. Or, if you have some resources to share then, we would really appreciate it.

PhotoShop Manipulation Examples:-

Baby Strawberry


Bugs on Face

Clean The Mess

During Breaktime

Box Full of Egg Heads

Egg Plantation

Fighting The Ketchup

Foot Face

Ironing My Clothes

No Mercy

Punch On The Face

Shark Soup


Spiral Macroni


Travelling Chickens



360 Degree View

Apocalyptic City

Chill to Death


Colorful Zebra

Dangerous Track

Falling Letters

Fantastic Tree

Flooded City

I Can Stitch

Multiple Face

Mummy Love Football

Noodles Can Be Dangerous

Scary Sight

Shoe Bite

Smoky Skull

Which Face You Are Wearing Today

PhotoShop Manipulation Tutorials:-

Flaming Photo Manipulation

Alice Photo Manipulation

Landscape Photo Manipulation

Color Combustion Photo Manipulation

Alien Invasion Photo Manipulation

Fantasy Photo Manipulation

Epic Fantasy Photo Manipulation

Mystic Photo Manipulation

Magical Forest

Scared Photo Manipulation

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