30 Innovative Single Page Web Designs

Single Page Web Designs
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These days, it seems that all websites are getting bigger and are trying to jam more and more content onto their sites. Rather than have just a few pages of content that cover everything, in order to seem established, many sites are attempting to bulk up by adding additional, redundant pages that do little more than create confusion.

But, it’s really not necessary to have a ton of pages, and in fact, these days, many designers are opting to use single page web designs. The technique is becoming so popular that many frameworks, free web builders and web tools now support single page navigation functionality.

In this post, I’ve showcased some great examples of single page web designs that show how you don’t need a lot of pages to have an informative and effective website.

Vintage Hope

Ippon Matsu Beer

Bakken & Bæck

Vander Amsterdam

Dan Edwards

Collins on Pine

Kenley Event Design

Niedlov’s Breadworks

Gin Lane Media

Muriel Labro


Daniel Hopwood


The Dept

Black Estate

Acting on a Dream

Ed Banger Room

Andrew McCarthy

YCN Studio

Style Manual

Lab Fiftyfive

Apartment Story


Teenage Engineering – OD-11


The Shape of Design

The Beauty Shoppe

Kitchen Sink Studios

John Hardy Stewart

Legwork Studio

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  • Inspiring collection of single page websites..
    Acting on a Dream site looks cool

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