25+ Must know iphone Applications for Web Designers and Developers

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When someone comes  to you and asks for an exceptional quality of your phone, probably you  talk about appealing looks, amazing sound system, multi-touch zoom in and out functionality and many more. However, these all are outstanding features but there is something unmatchable in iphone and i.e. its applications. You will find some cool stuff in the iphone which provide great support for web designers and developers. In this post, there is a list of iphone applications for web designers and developers which allow them to use their phone in their web designing tasks.
Web designer is always thirsty for the web designing inspiration whether he is sitting in front of the computer or not. In case, when the designer is away from the computer system, iphone applications can give him all time support in the web designing and development activity. So, here is the list of most useful iphone applications for web designers and developers.

1. CSS Cheat Sheet: – With this application, you can view backgrounds, borders, colors, etc.

2. HTML Cheat Sheet: – It is used for various HTML commands such as colors, symbols, tags, etc.

3. HTML Test: – By this application, you can test your HTML knowledge.

4. HTML Quik Ref: –  It gives you examples of HTML tags along with descriptions.

5. PHP Cheat Sheet: – This application is a database of PHP reference material.

6. PHP Ref: – It provides you all PHP functions.

7. Source Viewer: – It allows you to have a look on the coding of any web site.

8. cliqcliq Colors: – Using this application, you can  extract colors from pictures taken with the iPhone, email the palette to anyone and produce full-screen color previews.

9. Color Expert: – This application allows you to search through various color selections,  HTML colors and many more.

10. Color Picker: – It allows you to use sliders to dial in any color then analyzing the RGB and HEX codes for it.

11. Color Tool: – In this application, there are two sets of sliders that allow you to set the RGB values and to play with color, saturation and balance.

12. HTML Colors: – It helps in monitoring the RGB colors in order to discover the perfect combination of background colors.

13. Database Viewer: – It allows you to work with various database styles such as MS Access, MS Excel, Oracle, SQL Server, FoxPro, SQL,etc.

14. MySQL Cheat Sheet: – It provides you with an instant reference tutorial to know everything about MySQL at any time.

15. FTP On the Go:  – FTP application  allows you to upload and download files, make changes in text files with the help of built-in editor.

16. Servers Man: – If you want to run a server from your iPhone, this application allows you to do so.

17. Font Shuffle: – Font shuffle allows you to browse through numerous font styles so that you can choose the best suited for your project.

18. Developer’s Tool Kit: – It is a useful application or a reference guide for developers.

19. Web Developer Bible: – It is a ‘all in one’ application with an RGB color picker, special character guide, C-Format strings and others.

20. Analytics: – This application is very useful to analyze the performance of your website.

21. Analytics App: – It allows you to interact with your Google Analytics account and to see more than 40 distinct reports.

22. Analytics Pro: – This application allows you to see up to 50 reports.

23. BAM Analytics: – It allows you to see the latest information about your website.

24. Domain Tracker: – It helps in tracking the performance of your domain on Google PageRank and Alexa Rank.

25. Web Tools: – This application is a blend of domain lookup, WHOIS information and the ability to  ping the server.

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