21 Best CAPTCHAs: Bloggers Boon & Spammers Bane

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  • Do you know about “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart,” terminology? If you are a blogger then you must have used this in your various projects, while designing a contact form, login form or any other type of registration forms.
  • Still unable to figure out what it is. Ok, just focus on the initials of the words. Yes! It is CAPTCHA!
  • CAPTCHA is an easy method, which are designed to differ between human and bots or malicious software to keep them away. CAPTCHA helps to curb the unethical activities and to give the spammers a hard time.
  • Since 2000, when the term was first coined it has helped millions of bloggers and webmasters to keep their blog clean. Below is the list of 21 such scripts and services, which help you in avoiding spam:

    A very useful plugin which easily differentiates between human and bots. It is used at all places where genuine registrations or human participation is required.

  • WP Captcha-Free

    Other captcha which produce a token on the basis of user IP address, post id and browser user agent. The use of Ajax makes this process possible.

  • Akismet

    A very well known spam control plugin for wordpress users. All those bloggers who use WordPress for their blog must be thankful to the efficiency of Akismet in distilling out actual comments from spam.

  • Securimage CAPTCHA

    A PHP supported captcha which works on all browsers and pages, as far as they are PHP based. A free captcha script, which can be easily embedded in existing pages to make them safe from any abuse.

  • Defensio

    A spam-filtering program, which is used to keep your web application and blog safe from unwanted spams.

  • WebSpamProtect

    Pages that are made on PHP, Perl, ASP or ASP.NET can be easily protected by putting a small code within the page code. Webspamprotect generates a verification code, which keeps spam bots away.

  • Mollom

    A moderator of your blog, web site or web application against unwanted comments.

  • CryptograPHP

    A PHP script that automatically generates random numbers, numerals or mix of both. This stops spam bots from intruding your website/application.

  • Vidoop

    An image based captcha where the user does not have to type any verification code, but identify the correct image in order to pass the verification.

  • Protect Web Form.com

    Protect your guestbook, feedback form, comment form and any other web form with free anti-spam service of verification urls.

  • identiPIC

    A photo CAPTCHA system whereby a website visitor has to identify a picture to proceed and verify that he/she is not a bot but human.


    Asirra partnered with petfinder.com is image-based captcha, which ask user to identify the image of the pet.

  • OpenCaptcha

    To protect you from the trouble of filtering spams from actual comments OpenCaptcha.com provide a simple set of code, which is just needed to copy and paste in your form code or anywhere you wish to use.

  • captchas.net

    CAPTCHA images and audio files that you can use in html-forms. CAPTCHA images prevent forms to be used by robots and keep your mail box clean.

  • Ironclad CAPTCHA

    Integrate a given code inside your PHP or ASP.NET application. A 3-D image generates, which is very easy for a human being to identify and equally difficult for a bot to clear the test.

  • Snaphost: Free Captcha form-to-email script

    Without any technical skill you can easily install this captcha code in your registration forms, contact forms or blogs and keep bad bots away.

  • Spamerator.com

    Avoid automatic robotic registration of your registrations form, forum posting, comment posting, etc, as they are futile to your objective. Spamerator gives a captcha solution to avoid junk mails and unnecessary brimming of your mail box.

  • Text Disguise

    Automatic generation of images to verify the user as human or robot.

  • Captchator

    Captchator is an easy to install captcha code and also works on shared hosting accounts.

  • BotDetect CAPTCHA

    BotDetect CAPTCHA is an awarded website security solution designed to prevent automated page posting with Captcha images. While computer programs cannot read the textual code from the image, it is easy to read for humans.

  • Puremango: free PHP CAPTCHA v1.4.1

    A script to stop spam and keep you trouble free so that you can utilize your work.

  • Share your favorite:
    Please write about your favorite one and the reason why you like to work on it. In addition, feel free to leave any constructive comment about any application.

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