20 Metal textures for Designers to Use

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Textures are the images/photographs, which are used on top of another photograph and blended to give a special texture to the image. The interesting thing about these textures is that they can be made in plenty. In general these textures are photographs of anything like rusted metal, bubbles, piece of old letter, water reflection etc. The beauty of these textures is their flexible composition, which makes their availability infinite.

Metal Textures are very helpful while designing any website design or graphic design. You can us them while giving any 3D effect or any futuristic effect, mostly seen in websites related to games and others. Below you will find 20 such metal textures which you can use for your future or current projects. The brilliance of these textures depends upon your skill and ability to use textures differently.

The textures below can be made exquisite, after putting some design skills, and can be used in posters, wallpapers or as a graphic background.

Grungy Metal Texture

Dirty Metal Texture

Tile-able Metal Textures

Brushed metal Texture

Blotchy Metal

High Resolution metal texture

Torn poster metal texture

Red metal texture

Black metal texture

Metal Bolt Texture

Metal Rust Texture

Metal texture background pattern

Abalone Shell Metallic Texture

Diamond pattern on weathered black metal

Faded Numbers on Black Metal

Metal surface

Faded Paint on Metal

Diamond Cut metal

Old metal vent

Chrome Texture

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