20 Best Online Tools to Create and Share Beautiful Presentations

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In the present scenario of World Wide Web, online presentation is one of the effective mediums  for proficient marketing and communication. Just putting value added content on various presentation sites helps you to convey your business information to your targeted customers in an extremely stunning way. Whether you believe it or not, content provided in a presentation seems to be more captivating rather than the content provided in articles.

As far as offline presentation is concerned,  Microsoft powerpoint, Linux openoffice presentation, Apple Keynote, etc have  already established a buzz. But today we have so many online presentation tools that help us out in creating stunning and enthralling presentation. In this writeup,  we have brought 20 best online tools which assist you in creating and sharing beautiful presentations.

1. Google Docs :- Google Docs enables you to upload images/videos, add textual content, and helps you in preparing presentation in  quick moments. Furthermore, readymade powerpoint docs can also be uploaded for further sharing.

2. Prezentit :- This tool allows you to create presentation within few clicks.

3.Animoto :- It assists you in uploading the video and devising required modifications to the video.  And finally it lets you publish the video presentation on the web page.

4.Vuvox :- It enables quick layout and modification of photos, text, videos, and hence publishing the presentation on the web page.

5.Viddix :- It allows you to upload images, video and support notes, and hence to publish the presentation on a web page.

6.Vcasmo :- This is a multimedia presentation solution  used for creating photo/video presentation, the presentation then can be embedded on a web page.

7.Prezi :- This online presentation tool creates maps of texts, images, videos, drawing and present in a  non linear pattern.

8.Preezo :-  It lets you to create high quality presentation having professional look and feel.

9.Creaza  :- It allows you to create and share professional presentation.

10.  Slidesix :- It helps users to create an stunning presentation using audio and video elements into the each slides.

11.Formatpixel :- This tool lets you to create online magazines, porfolios, brochures, etc. You can customize your presentation to enhance its visibility on the screen.

12.Sliderocket :- It enables you to just upload your slides or videos there, and publish the presentation in a web page.

13.Slideshare :- Upload powerpoints to share with others.

14.Authorstream :- It helps you to publish and share your presentation; port to youtube; embed into a website or share via mail.

15. Slideboom :- Share powerpoint presentations online.

16. Zoho Show :- Access, import, edit and share presentations from anywhere and anytime.

17.  Empressr :- You can add photos, music, video, and audio, and share it publicly or privately in a quick way.

18.  Doyoubuzz :- With this tool, you are able to enrich your page with videos, images, etc.

19.  myplick  :- Share, embed and discover presentations, and slide shows online.

20.   280Slides  :- Create a slideshow directly on the web without using any  software.

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