10 Useful Tools to Create the Brand Image of Freelance Web Designer

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Freelancing seems interesting for many designers as they don’t have to follow the instructions of their bosses, they do not need to bother about the work because they chose what they love to do. But, it doesn’t mean that you will get the best projects without making any efforts. You need to utilize marketing guts in your profession in order to promote your work and win the clients. This post includes few noteworthy tools used to create the brand image of freelance web designers.

Worth mentioning tools to be used for creating and enhancing the  brand image of freelance web designers.


Share with your social networks what’s new at your end, what you are actually involved in. It’s easy to tell them through one platform rather than informing individually. Spreading latest news whether its status update or any new blog, at different social networks is made possible through this site.


A best web designer can market himself by using this platform because there are huge numbers of registered members at this website. You as designer can connect with current clients or expand your social network through this social media channel. Your clients can recommend your profile that is a confidence factor for your designing career.


This is the favorite site for twitter lovers. You can categorize your followers into different groups by using Adobe Air app. You can create groups of designers, clients and also of inspiration. There is also a facility of filtering the tweets that will help your designing the brand image.


This is actually your online business card to promote your work. The profile there can be used as email signature or can be integrated into blogs or at some other websites where you are online. You will get effectively connected with your social and professional network by using this site.

SEOmoz Tools

Freelancers need to have strong online presence to win the clientele. You can optimize your website for search engines by using free tools available at the website.

Google Analytics

Having detailed data you can optimize your web pages in the right way to reach targeted clients.

Shozu Desktop

This website is specific for pictures and videos. Mobile content can be easily uploaded through this website and can also be distributed with great ease. You can share your videos and pictures to more than 30 social networks through only one click. It’s easy to upload a logo design without updating each site one by one.


This website helps in making your Flickr gallery into your effective portfolio. It makes the task of designer easier by allowing best display of their work straight from Flickr.

Mars Edit

This website makes re-blogging easy and also manages media files efficiently. It saves time of freelancers while allowing them to write without being connected.

Yelp iPhone App

This offers great support to find clients in your local area or even in a new area.
Freelancers need effective marketing to reach the right clientele. Above mentioned platforms are  best tools to promote their work and stay in touch with their existing and future clients.

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