10+ Useful PHP Scripts and Tools For Developers to Add Search Functionality in Their Projects

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Developers in quest for search functionality look no further. Here are 10+ useful PHP scripts and tools to implement search engine in their projects. Each one of these tools is pretty easy to install and integrate in your project. These work pretty fast and performing search using them is quite easy and you can implement custom search with minimum hassle.

10+ PHP Scripts and Tools for Developers

PHP Search Engine

PHP Search Engine is the perfect tool for implementing search functionality on complex websites. All you need to do is to include the search.php file on the server and you will be able to get started. It can find matching urls, HTML Meta tags, PDF documents and results are displayed in a sorted manner.

Ajax search form


AJAX Search Form is an easy to use PHP script with Javascript code. It can be integrated on any given website in a matter of minutes. Some of its impressive features include AJAX pagination, AJAX result loading, clean and nice design. Photoshop files are also included to assist you in case you want to make changes to the design.



iSuggest is a smart search tool with customization options. It is customizable and highly flexible. There is support for multiple languages, keyboard and mouse. It can be easily customized with CSS and has intelligent auto-suggest feature as well.

Live Search


Live Search makes it possible to implement search engine functionality in your website with minimum fuss. It does not require any database and lets you implement search for text, PDF and images.



GogoooSE is an intelligent Full text Search Engine Script that can be implemented on any given website with ease. You can upload this file on your server, run a script and you will be done with implementing a smart search on your website.



Owners of small and medium websites have an excellent tool at their disposal in the form of Static HTML Website Search Tool. It can search within PDF documents as well as on company intranet. It is rich in several useful features.

Movies Database


Movies Database is an extensive database of information about movies. Installing the application is quite easy as there is no database and all you need to do is to upload files to the server. Information about movies is updated automatically. It is SEO optimized, has responsive design and closely integrated with YouTube and TMDB.



Now it is possible to implement URLs which are search engine friendly within your blog, service or application. It is a single file and there is absolutely no need to make any change in PHP configuration files.



Sooshal is a social and media search engine, perfect for accessing a variety of content in a nice interface. For instance, you can search for and access YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, Flickr images, Deviant Art images and loads of other content. It makes use of a variety of sites for delivering results and is completely mobile friendly.

Book Search Engine


PHP Book Search Engine is a unique search engine that lets you search for books with author, name, or ISBN. On top of that, it is mobile optimized so that you face no issue while using it for your mobile website.

Image Search Engine


Image search engine makes use of Flickr API for helping you to search from millions of images and filter results on the basis of license, relevance, time or interestingness.

Simple TMDb API

Simple TMDB API is an excellent tool to search information about movies as well as movie actors. You can work with the smart results that are provided by it in a flash.

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