10 Tips to build useful eCommerce Website

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E-commerce industry is going at a neck breaking pace across the world and is expected to touch $252 Billion by 2014 in US alone. More customers are utilizing the power of internet and choosing e-tailing portals to make purchases. The techno savvy customers of these e-commerce businesses have become more demanding than ever and expect a rich user experience to supplement their online shopping. I have used hundreds of portals have noticed the best practices followed by the e-Tailers across the globe. Today I will share you the top 10 tips to build useful e-Commerce website.

Steps to build e-Commerce websites

1. Better quality of images or graphics to showcase your products

The buying pattern of customers is different for products purchased online and for the ones purchased offline. Since they do not get to look or feel the product, they rely on the graphics or quality of the images posted on the portals. Thus it is one of the most important things which is considered to build useful e-Commerce website.

2. Ease of Navigation

Make a note of this vital tip. When the customers find the site cumbersome and uneasy to navigate, they simply lose interest. The site should have easy navigation to smoothen the customer’s experience. You can also include a site map for better response. Sitemaps are helpful as even the Search engines find it easy to read.

3. Customer Service

Customers like when they are attended well. Make sure you have different mediums by which customers can reach you and share their concerns. You can list board line numbers , toll free numbers, customer support email id, live chat support etc for customers to contact you without any hassles.

4. Proper SEO

You need to identify the most searchable keywords for your products and optimize your site so that it is well ranked in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

5. Merchandizing

It alone impacts about two third of the sales. Better grouping of products into different categories helps in making the search easier for customers.

6. PPC Advertisements

Yes you still need PPC even while you are performing SEO techniques to rank your site. PPC advertisements help you gain the top spots in the search engines by spending some extra bucks for keywords you bid.

7. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are in rage these days and you can do a lot to popularize your online business. For instance, you can create profile pages on Facebook; engage customers, offer discounts, promote your products etc.
8. Email Marketing
You can also shoot emails to your customers to update your customers about new schemes and offers. Leveraging your customer database is vital for online businesses.

9. A/B Techniques

This is a way to analyze the performance of your microsites. With this you can check which version appeals more to the customers and accordingly work over it.

10. Consistency of voice

One thing you must check is the consistency of voice throughout the website. It gives a face value and enhances the personality of your brand.

These are the most important things you can consider to create a useful and trendy e-Commerce store.

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