10 reasons to choose WordPress for your small business website

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WordPress is an excellent blogging and content management platform these days. First it was only used as a blogging platform but slowly it increased its pace and became the most popular content management system. From that time it has attracted small or start-up businesses as it is free of cost, highly efficient, needs lesser maintenance and offers multitude of features. Behind all these there is another reason why to choose WordPress for your small business website. WordPress plugins and themes which are capable of improving the traffic quality to your website.

Top 10 reasons to choose WordPress for small business :-

1. Powerful Content management system :-

Strong CMS

WordPress is considered to be the powerful CMS which provides several convenient options for you. You can control the content you have published. This process eliminates most of the problems by nullifying the wait times of developers which WordPress for your small business website is the best solution.

2. Social media integration is easy :-

Social media integrations

Now a day advertising, promotion, branding and exposure of any company depends on social media. WordPress provides easy integration of social media websites with your web pages. So you can easily drive more traffic to your business.

3. It is SEO friendly :-

SEO friendly

Exposure of your website is an easy process through WordPress. As long as you have perfect unique content with proper use of keywords and appropriate back-links your website has the full potential to improve its ranking in different search engine results.

4. An easy to use CMS for the newbies :-

Easy to use CMS

You don’t have to know or learn coding or HTML for using WordPress or managing your content. WordPress makes it easy to access your website.

5. Schedule content in advance :-

Schedule post

If you have to publish post on a specific date and time and you will not be available at that moment then WordPress is the best option. You can schedule the post after uploading it.

6. RSS Feeds :-

RSS feeds

With the help of RSS feeds your readers will get all your website updates as long as they are subscribed with the RSS feeder tool. They also have the option to read your posts via newsletter or emails.

7. Best solution for small business :-

WordPress best solution

Unlike other costly website which requires difficult coding WordPress websites are easily manageable and hep to save website maintenance cost in the long run.

8. Mobile applications :-

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

WordPress has a mobile application which allows mobile users to view your website through mobiles. WordPress have the capability to detect if any user is online on a cellphone. Then it automatically adjusts the website setting recommended for mobile viewing.

9. Easy blog incorporation :-

Easy blog incorporation

It is the best tool to analyze and show you the personal and human side of your business. As it was basically developed to support the blogs it provides the best tools for blogs which can be integrated directly into your business website.

10. Control your communities :-

Control communities with WordPress

With WordPress you can extend your discussions through Q/A sessions, forums articles or whatever the medium you choose. Disqus tool is integrated with WordPress website themes which is the best platform for comments.       

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