10 Must Have Android Apps for 2013 to Increase your Productivity

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The technological development has change the life of many people. Nowadays, people want to have access to their work anytime regardless of where they are at that particular moment. This means that they have to carry gadgets that will enable them have such access.

In the past, the only gadget that people would use was a laptop. This was quite difficult since people could not manage to carry their laptops everywhere they go. Fortunately, this problem has been solved by Android operating system, which provides numerous apps. This has increased productivity in businesses as people can access their work on their mobile phones and tablets. These gadgets are quite easy to carry around, yet they well serve the purpose of a laptop in many ways.

If you want to increase your productivity in your business by having access to your work wherever you go, here are the top 10 best productivity Apps for Android 2013 that you may consider.

  1. Adobe Reader – Among the top best Android productivity apps 2013, is adobe reader application. Almost everyone uses this important app in one way or the other. It enables one to view documents that are in PDF format. It is worth noting that there are numerous PDF readers available for Android. However, it is advisable to download only the adobe reader app since it is the best. The app enables people to not only view documents, but also to edit them when necessary. It allows one to view the documents in various modes just as one can do in a PC. Therefore, for one to work with this app properly, one needs to be in a position to work on a fully-fledged Personal computer.
  2. Camscanner – Camscanner is new, but among the best productivity Apps android 2013. Anyone who wants to increase his or her productivity should have this app in his or her mobile phone. It helps you convert the pictures taken by your mobile phone into digital signals. Once the photos have been converted into digital signal, you can easily send them to other devices at a very fast speed. Besides converting the picture into digital signals, Camscanner also enhance the quality of such pictures. Through this app, business people can send business cards or important notes to other people.
  3. Easy Voice Recorder – Easy voice recorder is an app that enables you to record any kind of voice and play later on. The reason why this recorder ranks high among the best productivity Apps android 2013 is that it is not just an ordinary recorder. It has special features that you cannot find in other recorders. For instance, one can be able to pause the current recording several times. It is possible to share the recorded voice instantly by simply clicking the share button in the top right corner of the app. In addition, the app allows the user to play the recorded voices anytime, re-name or delete it. It is worth noting that the app is user friendly.
  4. Google Drive – Google drive is an important app that any business professionals should have in their Smartphone as it helps in increasing their productivity. It is synchronized with your Google account such that you can manage all the files you have stored in your account via this app. In addition, you can be able to create new files and stores them into your Google account.
  5. Email Tray – Email Tray is a smart app that helps in boosting productivity. At the face value, one may think that this app is not so crucial. However, it is an important app since it will not only help you access your most important emails, but also will reduce the battery power consumption. This way, you can respond to as many emails as possible before your run out of batter charge.
  6. Skype – Skype has become important to business professionals. It does not only reduces the cost of calling, it also allows you send files of any kind, whether audio or video to your contact on Skype. The fact that you can be able to conduct your duties at a low cost makes you more productive.
  7. Evernote – Evernote is an app that has gained popularity as it allows people to take notes of their daily activity without using a pen and paper. Beside its ability to enable you to take written notes, the app also allows the user to record voices. In case you have tendency of forgetting, you can record what you want to do at a specific time and the apps will help you remember.
  8. Google Maps – Google map is an app that is crucial to business people who travels a lot. It helps you to reach your destination within the shortest time possible. The app used the global positioning system, which is ever reliable and accurate. The app also helps you to view what surround you on your way.
  9. Google Tasks – This app provides a nice way to manage all your work. You will be able to receive pending work in form of list through Google tasks. Therefore, you will be able to know the pending work that needs your attention. This helps a great deal in time management.
  10. CNBC Real-Time – Finally, among the best productivity Apps android 2013, we have CNBC real-time. This is an important app for people who want to track the stock market at all time. This helps you get real time updates on the stock market thereby making informed decision, especially for those who venture into stock exchange.

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