10 Indispensable Freebies For Busy Designers

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The only thing you should be doing on a Sunday is..surviving. That’s it! We can never understand people who work on Sundays.

They are from a different planet altogether!

So if you are one who loves sipping on some hot chamomile tea on Sundays. Wait, who are we kidding! So if you are someone who loves sipping on some cold beer and gorging on pizza and playing world of warcraft, you might want to take a moment to check out a few Sunday deals.

Because you are as lazy as we are and which is why these deals are perfect!

You’d end up saving a lot of money and a lot of time, which only means more beer more pizza and more WoW!

Beautiful & Sophisticated Waterlily Typeface


From Georgia O’Keeffe to Pierre-Auguste Renoir, most of the renowned artists had a way of spelling beauty with flowers. Now you can do too.

The waterlily typeface is a gorgeous handwritten font that would complement any themed page. Use it to add a feminine touch to an invite or just stock up on it for you would surely find a lot of use for this typeface.

With more than 80 different characters, the Waterlily typeface can be used for both personal and commercial projects.

Download here

Free Invoice Template in HTML with Auto Calculations!


If you are in a business where you send invoice regularly, this is one freebie you cannot miss out on.

The invoice is the most neglected of all documents where people just send it out more for information but like all your official documents, your invoice too says a lot about your work ethics and professionalism. Add to that hastily done calculations that might cost you!

Want to send professional looking accurate invoices but don’t have the time to draw every invoice up? We hear you! This Free Invoice Template not only has the layout to a tee but also comes with an auto calculation for both presentable looking documents and guaranteed accuracy.

Go simple and forget the hassles of Word and Excel!

Download here

Add Magic to Your Photos with 8 Free Photoshop Actions


These days people with little Photoshop knowledge would pose as pros. Don’t be part of the chaff, up your ante with Photoshop tools that will make you stand out in a crowd of mediocrity.

This set of 8 Photoshop actions will give your pictures a renewed look. Enhance your picture, add a retro touch, or just add a dash of magic to each of your clicks. These actions will come handy if you are doing a professional photo shoot.

You can download either of the two versions. One is for Photoshop (CS4+), and the other is for Photoshop Elements (PSE11+).

Download here

Beautiful TriColore Scalable Free Typeface


Add a dash of color to all your work. Use the free TriColore typeface to make your web page content stand out or use them in e-invites and tons of other projects.

A burst of color will instantly add a fun quotient to your work. You can even use this as the backdrop for your web page. Since this is a typeface, you would need a basic editing app if you want to use them as fonts.

The typeface is free for personal and commercial usage.

Download here

Royalty-free graphics worth $54


What every freelancer needs is a good number of resources that they can use and reuse in a lot of their projects. And this set of royalty free graphics is a great resource to stock up on.

With 22 different vectors, 3 high-res textures and 9 vector illustrations you are going to find repeated use for them for both digital and surface printing. Create t-shirts and mugs that have your individualistic flair or design posters and web pages, you have limitless options.

Note that you would need applications that support .AI, .EPS, .ABR, .ATN or .PSD formats.

Download here

70 Free Vector Icons for Touch Screen Gestures


I once had to explain a touch screen gesture for capturing screenshots to a friend by doodling it. My doodles didn’t look anything like hands or gestures. Even if you are a pro with graphics, you might not have the time to draw them every time, which is why this set of 70 vector touch screen gestures would serve you well in presentations and demos.

Whether you are writing a user’s manual or drawing a mockup for your upcoming project, these self-explanatory icons serve their purpose well. There’s no need to add extra text and make it chunky when these icons will do.

The icons are licensed to be used in website templates and for other personal and commercial use.

Download here

UI Kit with a stylish and modern look


For some people, style is a conglomerate of many things but for some minimalism is a class. The Iceberg UI kit has a sleek contemporary touch to it that will not only help you create a stunning user interface, but it will drastically cut down on work time.

Comprising all the basic components, the Iceberg is your go-to UI kit when you need to create a masterpiece but don’t have a lot of time to work on them. With 1 PSD file, 8 elements and scalable vectors, you can stay top of your game and save both time and money.

Download here

3D App Mockup


So many great app ideas have to be shelved because investors don’t understand what it’s all about. Don’t let that happen to you!

Have an app idea? Use the 3D app mockup to create a realistic feel of what your app is all about. The simple design gives your mockup more room and the 3D high-quality view lets it shine through.

Download here

15 Seamless Icon Patterns & Seamless Wood Patterns


It does not take a lot to create a superior website. Sometimes it is the content that does the work, other times it could be something as simple as a pattern.

The icon patterns make for cutesy background for related web pages. Adding a fun element to boring white backgrounds, you can use these for creating websites, in the header and footer, as a backdrop for posters and invites and so much more.

The second set of wood patterns complements a barn or rustic theme remarkably well. Use your creativity to come up with ideas to include them in your work.

Download here

15 Metallic Photoshop Gradients


Their best usage would be on Lady Gaga’s award show dress, but we’re sure you’d find other areas to use Metallic Photoshop gradients too.

Sampled and crafted from real metals, these gradients have a brilliant shine for a near realistic tone and color. The rich metallic tone would find its way to a lot of your projects.

Available in .jpg/ .psd/ .grd formats and can be downloaded instantly.

Download here

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