10 Handy and Useful Database Management Tools for Developers

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Any web software and application requires strong database management tools. Countless database management tools are available on the Internet but picking the right ones is essential for better functionality. Here are few database management tools which can be used by developers. All these tools can be used by developers to work with SQL executing, multiple connections, multiple database engines, etc.

10 Handy and Useful Database Management Tools for Developers

Open KeyVal

1. OpenKeyval-Database-Management-Tool

It is a free, open, web-based PHP-based database tool. A user simply needs to send a POST request which permits to store any kind of data. A request to delete any data can also be sent any time. The responses are received in the format of JSON.


2. DBV-Database-Management-Tool

It is open PHP-powered software which allows users to comprehend database into the existing control system. After its installation, it automatically tracks records and allows users to export an SQL file that reflects the alterations. MySQL is automatically supported by DBV by default and it allows connection of multiple users.


3. Dbeaver-Database-Management-Tool

Many different engines such as MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and Oracle can easily work with DBeaver database management tool. Because of its in-built application of Java, it smoothly works in all the major operating systems. Custom SQL execution, metadata editing, multiple connections, user management, etc. can easily be handled by this application.


4. DBNinja-Database-Management-Tool

In-built with PHP, supporting MySQL database, DBNinja is one of the latest database management tool. The look is just like a desktop and allows connection of multiple remote and local databases. Multi-tasking is also possible through this tool wherein creation/editing/deletion is easily possible.


5. MyWebSQL-Database-Management-Tool

Dual benefit of desktop-like function along with open source web-based MySQL is provided by MyWebSQL. Tasks can be easily completed quickly because of Ajaxed interface and also PHP. Multiple tasking is very easily possible with the help of this tool. It is a multilingual application which comes with many ready-to-use languages.


6. Genghis-Database-Management-Tool

MongoDB can be managed very smoothly with the help of Genghis, a self-hosted, single-file web-based application. Is highly capable of managing multiple databases and even multiple servers with the help of collections, managing databases and documents.

MyDB Studio

7. My DB Studio-Database-Management-Tool

It is a free MySQL manager application of database which has almost all the features which you wish to have within a database management tool. Editing and deleting data, creating and editing tables and records and many other tasks can be accomplished by using this single tool. It also allows you to connect to countless databases. An option of keeping a backup and even restoring data is possible with the help of this tool that too in various formats.


8. HeidiSQL-Database-Management-Tool

It is Windows-based software which is meant for managing Microsoft SQL databases and MySQL. Multiple tasks like editing data, creating and editing tables, viewing data and browsing triggers, procedures, and scheduled events is possible through this unique tool.

SQLite Manager

9. SQLite Manager-Database-Management-Tool

This tool allows converting queries from MySQL to SQLiteManager. This tool is integrated with PHP and absolutely requires no configuration.


10. Sequeljs-Database-Management-Tool

This database management tool caters to building SQL queries easily. It is an entire library of Java Script.

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