10 Great Lessons to be Learned from Steve Jobs

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5th October 2011, the dark day for the “Apple Incorporation”, world’s leading tech company. This was the day when the mastermind behind Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac and iTunes, was passed away. Yes, we are talking about the co founder of Apple Incorporation, non another Steve Jobs, the person with brilliance, positive attitude, long lasting vision and great entrepreneurial capabilities. He was just 56 when died, but he blessed us with lots of technical products/gadgets, and moreover left behind his ideology that acts as a big inspirational source for us.  This post is exclusively dedicated to such a great personality of this technical era.

Steve’s intelligence, passion and energy were the source of innumerable innovations that ameliorate and improve  our lives. There are so many things to be learned for Steve Jobs. Here we are briefing  his few of ideologies which act as great lessons for us, and help us in learning something from his passion and dedication, his way of perception, and his attitude to carry his professionalism. These all can enlighten our path of success.

1. Give Priority to Passion Instead of Money:- He was a millionaire at just 25 years of age, but he never let the money get into his way of passion. He always said that the money should not be the ultimate goal for any organization, priority must be given to the organization, the people, the product/service, so that the organization can go along way of success.  He believed that the company would do fantastic over the long term. He always aimed at making great products rather than huge money.

2. The reality distortion field:- Steve had  a supernatural capability to push his engineers crossed their limits to get things done. For any task that usually done in two months, he assigned it to his engineers and set the deadlines of 1 week to accomplish it within the stipulated period period of time. However, his engineers were not sure about the task to be done before two months, Steve assigned it to be done within 1 week and surprisingly, most of times the tasks were almost done. This was his attitude of distorting reality.

3. Believe in the Power of Wisdom:- Steve believes that the only thing that drives you and is inside you, is the knowledge you have feed in your mind.

4. Believe on Your Thinking:- Steve always believed on what concept he created to drive his business.  He used to believe that end to end integration of hardware and software would be perfect way to develop a technology company. He was loaded with the knowledge, positive approach, passion, dedication, diligence and hard work, due to which he successfully implemented his ideas in order to build a company.

5. Experience Matters a lot:- Steve always said that the experience of any product is the key to create great products. He always wanted to provide better and better products to Apple’s customers/users.

6. Innovation:- Steve always worked to create something new that has not been developed yet or thought to be developed yet. iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac and iTunes are examples of his creative mind and innovative presence of mind.

7. Power of Intuition over Intelligence:- Steve was blessed with outstanding intuitions and mind blowing intelligence. He used both of them proficiently  when constructing the future of technology. He believed that sometimes intuitions should be prioritize than intelligence.

8. Take inspiration from Outside Your Business/Industry:- Steve believed that it is not wise enough to get confined within a specific business/industry as far as inspiration is concerned. You should see and get inspired from the world outside your business; be it fashion designing, hotel industry, entertainment industry. Sometimes you get more inspiration from the business you not belongs to.

9. Understanding Yourself and Being the Way You Are:- According to Steve, you should understand yourself that what kind of person you are and what are the ways you love to live in. You should be comfortable in yourself; be it charming, arrogant, soft, strict, etc. Only then, you can deliver your best.

10. Focus on Aim:- Steve was focused on creating great and innovative products throughout his life. As a result, Apple incorporation is one of the leading technology firm across the world and its products are unparrallel.

In today’s hyper competitive environment, only few get success in popularizing their name, across the world,  through their great work. It would be great to learn the lessons from their life. Furthermore, it is very easy to read, learn and get inspired from such great personality, but its very difficult to follow and implement the same ideology. Those who can, get success.

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