10 Essential Requirements of a Novel Web Design

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Top 10 essential requirements of a novel web design

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There are websites which seem to be made just for the sake of creating a website. There’s absolutely no thought process involved in developing them having been designed with a haphazard approach.

If you’re planning to create a website, make sure it is an interesting and trendy one. It should not look like the one developed in the 90’s and then never updated. Here are a few essential things that you should keep in mind while developing a website.

1. Typography-

No, the simple “Times New Roman” and “Calibri” will not suffice. You need to use interesting font faces to attract viewers and make sure you use the same font in the entire content of your website because distinct font in the same website is very distracting and unappealing. Plus, if the website is the official site of your company then it becomes important for you to stick to a single font style because people will then relate the style to your company. If you keep changing it, they will be confused. Top 11 Essentials of Typography

2. Labels-

Divide your website into interesting headings or labels. This improves the navigation and makes it easy for the user to find the desired content. Include a search box too where one can look for some specific content on your website. Labels help in the segmentation of your website and also simplify it.

3. Flat Design-

If you really want users to stick to your website for at least a few minutes then keep the design simple and flat. There should be no 3D effects all over the website which sometimes frustrates and confuses users. Flat design becomes more important in case of an official website of a company as a good website experience will help you form a better image in front of your potential customers. 5 Free Graceful WordPress Themes with Flat Design

4. SEO Content-

You need to use some specific keywords in the labels of your websites as well as product descriptions, if there are any. This makes it easier for Google to give you a higher SEO rank which will subsequently result in more views of your website.

5. Mobile Compatibility-

While following a trendy web design, experts often ignore smart-phones and tablets. You need to make sure that your website is easily and fully visible in mobile browsers as well. An incomplete display of the website on mobiles sends out the wrong message among viewers.

6. Hover Effects-

You would have noticed that when you move the cursor to a specific area of a website, that part changes its colour and often shows a drop down menu. The change in colour is subtle but is very soothing to the eyes of the viewer and helpful while navigating the website.

7. Use Light Colours-

Never use black as background because websites with that colour are ignored by search engines. Use colours like blue, light orange and green. These colours do not attack the eyes and give a relaxed experience to the viewer.

8. Use Images-

Your website should not be a plain one with only text. There should be some interesting pictures as well as an interesting background which attracts viewers and provides them a better experience.

9. Least Ads-

If you are trying to earn some revenue with ads, fine, but do not force the visitor to click on ads or bar them from entering a particular section of the website unless they click on an ad. This is a very irritating practice and websites using this trick to generate revenues are blacklisted by visitors.

10. Videos-

There must be some videos available on your website which are related to your company or product and provide useful information. This makes it simple for viewers to understand your company.

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