10 Best PHP Frameworks For Developers To Build Complex Web Apps Quickly

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Technically, it is an open source server scripting language extensively used for the development of online properties. Generally, it is the most popular web development tool in the web world. PHP have introduced a revolution of building websites with designing pages instantly. Beginners consider it as a boon since understanding database connection, presentation code and interactive functions has become simpler and quicker. Plus, PHP frameworks help in writing reusable code. The pattern followed by PHP framework is MCV pattern that ensures separation of logic and presentation. Without diving in deeper arguments, checkout the 10 Best PHP Frameworks available right now.

10 Best PHP Frameworks For Developers

1. Yii Framework

Yii-Best PHP Framework

It is considered as the best PHP framework and is most popular among developers. It has various features like MVC, active records, I18N /L10N, access control, testing, open source, high performance, object oriented, support for web service and many more. It is exclusive for developing a social network website as it reduces the time of development immensely. It also loads features upon your need. Yii framework provides caching supports and work efficiently with AJAX.

2. Symfony Framework

Symfony-Best PHP Framework

It has a library with PHP code that allows developer to build varied application easily. It also uses third party libraries to fine tune applications developed by the developers. It makes repetitive coding tasks more enjoyable. For best practices of PHP framework, Symfony is the ideal choice.

3. Zend Framework

 zend-Best PHP Framework

Zend is one of the Best PHP Frameworks available. It is divided in to three developing applications. Zend framework is the most sought-after. The other two are Zend server and Zend studio. The Zend framework also takes its position in PHP framework. It helps in building applications faster than the old fashion coding styles. It has various components that handle task in web development. If you are looking for technically sound PHP solution, the Zend framework will be ideal for you.

4. Cake PHP

Cake PHP-Best PHP Framework

It is one of the fast application development PHP frameworks for web development. The PHP is flexible when it comes to development but coding can get tedious and complicated and sometime a mess. Various codes are used in PHP coding to boost the function of the web programs. Cake PHP is mainly used in known designs and patterns, like active records, Front Controllers and MCV. With Cake PHP, developers can create an amazing web design at reasonable prices. It also is known to be compatible with other PHP versions.

5. Prado

Prado-Best PHP Framework

This is another one of the best PHP frameworks which is event-driven and component-based. It is used for fast web programming when PHP 5 is used. It helps to re-conceptualize components, properties and events rather than the parameters associated with URLs, procedures and query. Prado is used to write handler functions and turning them into application tasks.

6. Codeigniter

Codeigniter-Best PHP Framework

It is a cost efficient PHP framework for web development with components to support fast solutions. It serves developers with varied functional properties with its PHP. It has a simple interface, which allows swift development. It is easy to use and is preferred by most developers for this reason. What is different about this framework is its tools. It has set of libraries with a collection of codes and events. With different functions within the Codeigniter, implementing codes becomes easy and it does not require any configuration.

7. Qcodo

This open source PHP framework makes work easy without any tiring coding. Its codes are based on relational model. No Java scripting required. It also supports AJAX. You can get prototype roll-outs in a matter of seconds taking it to the next level. Qcodo provides a rapid application development for developers without working tediously for days.

8. Smart PHP Coding

Smart PHP Coding-Best PHP Framework

Smarty PHP framework or Smarty Template engine separates presentation smartly from the PHP codes. It is supported by templates syntax enhancement. It is the source of template for application development, and can help make the task easier and quicker.

9. PHPDevShell

PHPDevShell-Best PHP Framework

This particular PHP framework functions as a shell for the codes to run in. It is fast, secure and provides instant results. You can take a PHP script and plug it into this shell’s menu system. Alternatively, you can develop a plugin specifically for PHPDeveShell.

10. ZooP

It has some appreciable uniqueness like its consistency. It also is movable and extendable. It makes the work clean, fast and reliable. Zoop framework is both for beginners as well as experienced developers. It helps make work faster and easier because of its amazing features, like GUI control, caching integration and smart templates.

Today, these best PHP frameworks have compact features and this has helped PHP scripting gain recognition and appreciation among web developers. Different PHP frameworks meet different requirements for web development as well as for varied web-based applications. More and more PHP tools are being developed to help enhance programs and make web development, faster, simpler and easier.

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