10 Beautiful Graphic Design Portfolios

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The designing age remains competitive in today’s digital world. If you own a business or planning to start a new business you should have well designed website to attract visitors. Apart from creating appealing look of your site you need to have constant update and innovative designing to raise the bar and retaining back your visitors.These interesting aspects will attract the users/ audience to come back to your site again and again.

Today while exploring you will find thousands and thousands of awe-inspiring design portfolios.They all are of different shapes and size but here I will mention 10 beautiful graphic design portfolios.In making all these efforts few designer stood out of the crowd.Some are impressive, others unusual, and a handful have a splot of humor in the designs, these 10 Beautiful Graphic Design Portfolios collected from all over the Web showcase the unspoken talents and technical skills of amazing designers.

The fact is that you don’t have to be a hero or a superstar web designer.You simply need to add some creativity and innovation. If you wish to create a brilliant portfolio without writing any coding then there are lot of online tools available for example “Behance” is the best online tool I have ever used to build portfolios.

Here are 10 Beautiful Graphic Design Portfolios –


1. Adhemas Batista –

Adhemas Batista

Image Source – creativebloq.com

Adhemas Batista is an artist and, graphic designer born in Brazil. He has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Adidas, Coca-Cola and Sony. Batista’s incredible portfolio shows his passion for exploring vibrant and colorful concepts.

2. Ryan Scherf –

Ryan Scherf

Image Source – creativebloq.com

Ryan scherf is a web designer, web developer, writer, teacher and builder. In between he was able to create this awe inspiring portfolio site.This one page website is very simple to scroll yet effective.

3. Charlotte Tang –

Charlotte Tang

Image Source – creativebloq.com

Charlotte Tang is an interactive designer based in Toronto. She is really interactive and passionate about her designing ‘(it can be clearly seen through her portfolio site). She is in love with graphic designs and web designs by finding a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

4. Robby Leonardi –

Robby Leonardi

Image Source – creativebloq.com


Again Robby Leonardi (based in New York city) is also a Multi tasker like Ryan Scherf.He specializes in following fields – illustration, graphic design, animation, and front-end development. He has worked with big brands like Speed TV, FX Networks, myNetworkTV, and G4. His fabulous and fun interactive design portfolios will interest you.

5. Lizzie Seymour –

Lizzie Seymour

Image Source – creativebloq.com


Lizzie Seymour is a creative designer with adorable crafted portfolio.She loves playing with character design, illustration, installation, a bit of coding. Her fabulous portfolio will give you a sense of her intense work.

6. Björn Meier –

Björn Meier

Image Source – creativebloq.com


This is one of the most simplest yet beautiful portfolio to navigate.This beautifully minimal portfolio from Björn Meier is a feast for the eyes.

7. Jeremy Sallee –

Jeremy Sallee

Image Source – creativebloq.com

Jeremy Sallee is a self-taught French graphic designer.Salle has an impressive array of work on offer that you can navigate using some very cute mini icons.

8. Marc Thomas –

Marc Thomas

Image Source- creativebloq.com

Marc Thomas portfolio has a sleek layout and a handful of striking shades. His use of typography is masterful, plus the look and feel of the site stays consistent on mobile screens.

9. Rosie Lee –


Image Source – creativebloq.com

Rosie Lee (a hybrid creative agency) has an extensive experience in branding, advertising and retail design.They love building unique layout and work with complementing colours.

10. Studio Airport –

Studio Airport


Studio Airport is a design agency based in the Netherlands, with a strong online presence embracing airport graphics, large photographs and strong typography. We love the little animated reordering of contents that takes place in its Projects section when you switch options in the left-hand menu.

These inspiring examples of online graphic design portfolios will help individual designers as well designing agencies to move forward in a right direction.

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